MERIDIAN PLANTCARE - Plant Rental & Maintenance
About Us
We are a family run company so you can rely on personal, tailored services. With over 35 years experience in the industry, previously working for both small and national interior landscaping companies, we decided we could do better than 'the big boys' and created Meridian Plantcare. We listen to what our customers want. We take time to create and deliver our best displays. We maintain and care for the plants from day one.

We provide tropical plant displays for offices, banks, hotels, care homes, hospitals and all places of work. Our rental option means no initial outlay, full plantcare maintenance service included and a wide choice of the very latest styles. We have live plants, fake plants, big trees, little orchids - everything you can think of and more!
Prices start from as little as 50p per week
Our team members are fully trained in all things horticultural. We know what plant goes where, how much light does each plant need, when to water, what pests to check for - everything to ensure your displays are a credit to your workplace. All you need to do is enjoy looking at them!
NASA studies show that plants really are good for your workplace! They remove toxins and improve indoor air quality, creating a stressfree, welcoming environment for your clients and employees.
Our florists can provide fresh flowers for your reception desk or boardroom - daily, weekly or special occasions.
Grounds or garden area? Yes, we can care for them, too! Our landscaping team are ready to mow, weed, plant and prune!
We can even deliver and fully decorate a Christmas Tree for you!
Free Quotations - Competitive Rates - Friendly Faces
Location: London, The Midlands and the South
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